Heat Alarm


Long life heat alarm with sealed-in 10 year battery.

  • Advanced Thermistor Detectioncontrolled by bespoke software.
  • Auto Switch Mounting Plate. Power automatically switched on when the alarm is attached to its mounting plate and off when removed.
  • Alarm Silence Button ideal in non-emergency situations (nuisance alarms)
  • Silence Low Battery Warning for up to 10 hours. Maintains continuous protection during sleeping hours
  • Interlinkable Version – FHH10W available for interlinking to smoke alarms
  • Extra large Test Button for ease of use
  • Red led flashes once a minute to indicate power and constantly flashes to indicates alarm condition
  • Sealed in 10 year Lithium battery power supply



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Additional Information
Weight 1.43 kg
Dimensions 87 × 38 cm
Master pack



10 Years


BS5446-2: 2003